Arrilla Digital ​

Arrilla Digital is Arrilla’s flagship online learning course specifically designed for the workplace with real workplace lessons. Using story-telling, it gives anyone the fundamental ‘must have’ information to get started on the right foot. It provides a deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture, demystifies the Indigenous space and serves as an entry-point for developing practical tools for the workplace.

Designed specifically for the workplace, Arrilla Digital is compatible with all major Learning Management Systems. We also offer the course through our ‘web access version’, for those organisations who do not use a Learning Management System. A key feature of Arrilla Digital is the ability to measure the impact the training has on your staff to help you track success. And Arrilla Digital is the only training to be accessible to those with hearing and sight impairments.

We are proud to have Reconciliation Australia’s staff undertake our course and we are the only Indigenous cultural competency training product to be endorsed by the Commonwealth government.