For Non-Indigenous Allies

Emotional intelligence stands as the hallmark for good leadership. It is the difference between leading well and leading with exception. Cultural intelligence (or CQ) is an extension of this, enabling effective leadership across national, ethnic and organisational cultures. It moves beyond cultural competency and digs deeper into an additional layer and depth of understanding.

While standard Executive Coaching focuses on support for professional growth, self-awareness, clarity of goals, the development of those goals and unlocking potential, First Nations-led coaching places an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander lens over this standard approach, thereby placing a firm accent on First Nations and reconciliation professional development.

Our coaching helps leaders to become true allies, developing one’s cultural intelligence in order to be effective reconciliation champions within their sphere of influence, bringing a different lens to the role and actions of a leader and providing a number of benefits including:

  • Developing cultural competency, capability and cultural intelligence in a tailored and flexible program to suit the individual
  • A trusted and experienced confidante, guide and advisor with whom to share ideas, discuss issues and concerns, strategise and problem solve
  • An opportunity to explore possibilities and potential for impact within your organisation and within the First Nations space
  • A safe and supportive environment in which to share and be challenged on sensitive topics such as bias, culture and identity

For First Nations Peoples

Our Coaching for First Nations Peoples is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximise their personal and professional potential. Arrilla avoids ‘stock standard’ approaches, focussing instead on tailoring an experience that ensures your aspirations and challenges are covered across the term of our relationship. The relationship between a coach and yourself is an important one. We match you with someone with whom you will enjoy working and learn from while ensuring confidentiality in a safe environment in which to develop your skills and have the challenging conversations.

We acknowledge that First Nations peoples can have distinct experiences by virtue of their cultural identity. First Nations-led coaching places an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander lens over the standard approach of coaching, thereby placing a firm accent on First Nations professional development. Our sessions aim to:

  • Assist a critical exploration and appreciation for non-Indigenous work environments
  • Understand, apply and adapt the key elements of good working principles and practice
  • Be alert to the nuances, boundaries, unsaid rules and expectations
  • Provide increased understanding of how to lead with credibility and trust
  • Develop increased confidence and ability to lead and progress plans and actions