Executive Coaching

We provide Executive Coaching for non-Indigenous leaders that supports them to become culturally competent in their professional lives, enabling them to work in the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and reconciliation spaces with greater confidence and skill. It is specifically designed for non-Indigenous CEOs, other C-suite executives, and key leadership personnel. 

While standard Executive Coaching focuses on support for your professional growth, self-awareness, development of goals and unlocking potential, Indigenous-led coaching places an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander lens over this standard approach, thereby placing a firm accent on Indigenous and reconciliation professional development. 

Here at Arrilla, we aim to share our experiences with our non-Indigenous brothers and sisters and bring a different lens to the role and actions of a leader. Our coaching services will suit those leaders who aspire to extend their self-awareness, challenge their thinking and performance, and to unlock the benefits of being more culturally competent and capable. 

If the following statements resonate with you, please reach out to us about our coaching services:

  • Sharing – You seek a trusted and independent Indigenous voice with whom to share ideas and discuss issues and concerns in a safe environment.
  • Learning – Your confidence in the Indigenous space is growing but you know this is a life- long journey and you believe there’s more that you could be doing to have an impact.
  • Unlearning – You realise we all have blind spots when it comes to leadership and you see the value of challenging yourself to address these.
  • Problem solving – You have specific and general issues that are playing out in your workplace and you want to talk through these with someone with an impartial Indigenous lens.
  • Challenging – You want to know how you can be a stronger ally to the reconciliation movement and Indigenous people, and discuss how you can lead your workforce to do the same.
  • Growth – You see there is untapped potential for professional and personal growth of you and your teams.
  • Performance – You understand that diversity improves performance and want to have an edge over your competitors, attract a more diverse workforce, and improve engagement and outcomes with Indigenous Australians