Facilitator Packs

Our Facilitator Pack enables you to deliver in-house workshops, independently. Simply choose an appropriate facilitator within your organisation, and they will be guided by our Facilitator Pack to deliver a meaningful workshop with appropriateness and skill. Should you wish Arrilla to facilitate these on your behalf, just get in touch.

Participants will welcome the opportunity to build on their cultural capability by undertaking one of these sessions. They’ll ask questions, discuss topics and practice embedding the concepts covered. There are five themes to choose from and designed to be delivered by a First Nations employee or ally. Each theme complements the lessons learnt in Arrilla’s First Nations Cultural Competency training programs.  

Themes include –

  • Meaningful Engagement with First Nation Peoples
  • Delivering a Meaningful Acknowledgement of Country
  • Exploring the First Nations Customer Experience
  • Becoming a More Effective Ally to First Nations Peoples
  • Continuing Our Cultural Competency Journey


The Pack provides detailed agendas and discussion plans with integrated resources, ideas for activities and discussion questions. You will also receive factsheets and a list of additional resources to further enhance your learning.